Learning and Talent Maturity Framework

Welcome to the Talent and Maturity Framework (LTMF) Diagnostic

The dynamics of talent’s low supply and high demand are playing out across the globe, affecting every industry sector and continent. However, the majority of HR teams are still employing decades-old traditional practices which don’t come close to addressing the priorities.

The demographic shifts, revamped business models, digitization of products, rise in big data analytics and new forms of competition require organizations to fuel drive perpetual skill upgrades. HR must evolve to apply new paradigms toward talent attraction, mine for unrealized capability, build rapid development tactics, implement highly effective engagement strategies and unveil succession pathways with far more innovation than has been demonstrated to date. Organizations who will successfully compete for talent will exploit technology to achieve a smarter way, build a healthier culture and a more resilient workforce. The human capital challenges HR faces today obliges us to tackle new talent imperatives that are both exciting and urgent. We cannot afford to be complacent, the employees entrusted to us and the enterprise agendas we are asked to support deserve no less.

The Skillsoft Organizational Maturity Index has been designed to help organizations advance their strategies and in turn, produce superior outcomes. The framework is based on observations of more than 6,700 organizations 45 million employees. This diagnostic will gauge your current maturity level across nine indicators. At the end of the diagnostic, you will receive a report with your current maturity results as well as prescriptions for advancing to the next stage.

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